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League Tables / Leaderboards

Our league table / leaderboard reporting allows you to generate a report which ranks data associated with your Thermometers:

League Table

Creating a League Table report

To generate a report, go to Reporting > League Tables

Firstly, choose a date range and select the custom field you’d like to rank your data by.

Select a Thermometer.

Note you can select multiple Thermometers by CTRL-clicking.

Click “Generate Report”.

Example report

Let’s say your Account Manager names are stored in the ‘Custom 1’ field alongside each response.

You will be able to generate a League table showing the response data for each Account Manager, by reporting on Custom 1:

League Table Detail

To order the table by other data labels– e.g. number of Gold stars / Temperature rating, etc, simply click on the ascending / descending arrows:

You can also create League Tables around customer data. Select email / first name / surname / company from the Custom field drop down list to create your report.

We also have a demo of this report below:

Updated on April 27, 2020

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