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Setting up a Mac Mail Thermometer

Create your Mac Mail Embedded Thermometer

Create a new Embedded Thermometer.

Choose “Basic Links” from the i) Embedded Thermometer type drop down box.

Ensure “Prompt for email address” is enabled.

Generate your embed code

Click the Generate embed code button. You will see a window popup.

Save the icons to your Mac’s hard drive:

Next, add the sender details into the custom fields below – we recommend entering the sender’s name and email address, plus any other information you’d like to see next to each response in your reporting, e.g. the sender’s team name or department, location, etc.

The email field should be left as “Anon”. For more information on identifying recipients, click here.

Click “Generate Hyperlinks”

For multiple people using Thermometers in their Mac Mail signatures, generate a unique set of hyperlinks for each sender, entering the sender’s unique details each time.

Creating Mac Mail Thermometer signatures

Launch Mail. Select preferences > signatures:

Select the account you would like the add a signature to

Click “+” to add a new signature to that account

Rename your signature

Enter your signature’s text:

Drag your first icon from your hard drive / desktop on to your signature:

With the image highlighted, goto  Edit  > Add Link…

Sometimes it may not appear that it’s been highlighted, but it has!

Copy the appropriate tracking link from the Customer Thermometer popup:

Paste it into the Add Link box and click OK.


Repeat for the remaining 3 icons until you have built up your Thermometer signature.

Once the signature is built, close the window.

Make a new Thermometer signature per email user if you want to be able to see results by individual.

Updated on February 11, 2019

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