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Setting up a ManageEngine Thermometer

Create your ManageEngine Embedded Thermometer

Create a new Embedded Thermometer.

Choose “Basic Links” from the i) Embedded Thermometer type drop down box.

Note: Ensure that “Recipient email address capture” is disabled on the ‘Landing page setup’ tab.

Generate your embed code

Click the Generate embed code button. You will see a pop-up window.

Enter the fields to customize the tracking links as shown in Step 2 in the image below:

Those fields are available below, for easy cutting / pasting:

Email: $RequesterMail

First name: $RequesterName

Company: $Site (possibly - depending on your setup)

Custom 1 (Request ID): $RequestId

Custom 2 (Technician's name): $Technician

Custom 3 (Optional example): $ProductName

You will find other fields in your ManageEngine ServiceDesk “Edit Message Template” area

Click “Generate hyperlinks”.

When and where can you add requests for feedback?

Once you’ve generated your icons and links, it’s simple to add them to an email template.

Inside ManageEngine, visit Admin > Account Details > Notification rules. There are various options to add the survey buttons:

  • E-mail user when a request is resolved.
  • Acknowledge requester by e-mail when the request is closed.
  • Acknowledge requester by e-mail when the request is updated.

You could also customize a Resolution Template within Admin > Helpdesk > Resolution Template.

You could also customize the survey template within Admin > User Survey > Survey Settings.

Customize the relevant message template(s), removing the “SurveyLink” field and replace it with Customer Thermometer icons and links.

In all cases, the process for editing the email template is the same and is shown below.

Adding Thermometer icons to ManageEngine Templates

It’s not possible to copy and paste an HTML snippet into ManageEngine email templates – they don’t support HTML source. We’ve provided the alternative method below.

Go to the Customer Thermometer pop-up and click and drag over the 4 icons you’ve chosen and then copy them (Ctrl+C), to your clipboard.

Go back to your email notification template within ManageEngine and paste those icons into the footer of the template. Add a question above it – make it clear and attractive. Note you can add labels below each icon too:

Add a tracking link to each icon, from the popup in your Customer Thermometer account.

To do this, click and drag over the Gold icon added to the template and click the hyperlink button on the menu.

Copy the Gold tracking link from your Customer Thermometer account and paste that where shown below. Click OK to add the hyperlink.

This process is shown below:

Repeat for the other three links. Click “Save” to finish.

This will then add feedback links to each icon, allowing you to track 1-click feedback, identifiable to that customer, technician and request ID.

The final result

Depending on how you’ve configured your ManageEngine ServiceDesk, when a requested is updated / or resolved, your outbound email will look something like this:

When a customer clicks a rating – it is stored alongside the recipient, request ID and technician details inside your Customer Thermometer reporting area.

Updated on February 11, 2019

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