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Microsoft Power BI

We have developed a custom connector for Microsoft Power BI to pull responses straight into Power BI Desktop. Download the Power BI connector from: https://www.customerthermometer.com/powerbi/CustomerThermometer.mez

Move CustomerThermometer.mez file into

Documents\Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors\

The file must exist in that exact directory structure. If any of these folders don’t’ exist, you should create any of the missing folders.

When you open the Power BI Desktop application, it may show an error message (as shown below), regarding Uncertified Connectors. If so, please Enable the uncertified connector using the following instructions:

File -> Options and Setting -> Options -> Under Security tab, select the option
Allow any extension to load without validation or warning

Then restart Power BI Desktop.

Set up Power BI

Open Power BI Desktop application and select Get Data then click on the more option

Enter the connector name and select the Customer Thermometer connector then click on the Connect button

Enter the API keys and Account names then click on the Ok button. You will find your API key in your Customer Thermometer account, under Push Options.

Click on the Load button for all details to be loaded into table


If you need to refresh the table details with the latest data, you can just click on the Refresh button from the ribbon within Power BI Desktop.


If you need to save the connector, click on the Save button and select the location. The file will be saved as a pbix format.

You can then double click on the .pbix file and it will open without having to setup the data connection to Customer Thermometer again.

Updated on November 12, 2020

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