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Microsoft Teams

Our integration with Microsoft Teams is nearing completion.

In the meantime, you can use our webhooks in conjunction with Zapier to bring your live Customer Thermometer customer feedback comments and ratings into Microsoft teams.

Webhooks allow you to automatically trigger an action with a 3rd party application, when something happens inside your Customer Thermometer account.

Webhooks are available across all Customer Thermometer plans, including trialists.

Visit this page for more on webhooks.

How to get started!

1)  Firstly, you’ll need to sign into Zapier, head to ‘Make a Zap!’ and then search for ‘webhook’. Select ‘Catch Hook’ and hit ‘Save and Continue’.

2) Copy the URL created and go into your Customer Thermometer account > ‘Push Options’ > ‘Configure Webhooks’ and hit ‘Add new endpoint’.

Then you’ll need to add a name for your Webhook, paste in your URL from Zapier, select your event triggers and hit save. Then go to the ‘Linked Thermometers’ tab and select the Thermometer or multiple Thermometers you would like linked and hit save.

Go back to the Settings tab and scroll down to the bottom and select the ‘Test fire webhook’ button to test. The status should state green if successful.

3) Go back to Zapier and click the ‘Ok, I did this’ to take you to your test which you can review by hitting the arrow. Then click continue.


4) Follow the ‘Your Zap currently lacks an Action step. Add one now!’ button and select Microsoft Teams.

From here you can either select ‘Send Channel Message’ if you already have an existing channel to feed into or create a new one if not.

5) Follow the ‘Connect an Account’ if you have not used Zapier previously or simply select your account from the list if you have.

Now you can set up your Microsoft Teams message by selecting

  • Team
  • Channel
  • Insert your message message


Once saved you can hit the ‘Send test to Microsoft Teams’ button and then head into your Microsoft Teams account to view your test within the chosen channel.


Updated on May 30, 2019

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