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Microsoft Teams

Our Microsoft Teams integration posts your feedback directly into a designated channel. You are able to configure which alerts and comments are posted against which thermometers.

We utilise the Incoming Webhook technology within Microsoft Teams to power our integration.

Setting up Microsoft Teams

Within Microsoft Teams, you need to decide which channel feedback is sent to. You can separate this out by repeating this setup process and configuring the alerts and comments from within the Customer Thermometer options.

First step is to click on the relevant channel, and then ‘Connectors’.

Connectors option within MS Teams

From the Connectors pane, you would then choose ‘Incoming Webhook’.

Then set the name, upload an icon and then click ‘Create’.

The name is for your reference within Teams. The icon will appear next to each message posted.

We recommend using the following image:

Once successfully created, a webhook URL will be generated, which will then be added into Customer Thermometer.

Setting up within Customer Thermometer

Login to your Customer Thermometer account.

Under ‘Push Options‘ in the top navigation, there is then an option for Microsoft Teams.

The name is for your reference within Customer Thermometer. This is extremely useful if you decide to separate your feedback into Microsoft Team channels.

You would then add the URL that was previously generated within Microsoft Teams and select the event triggers and click save.

You can click ‘Test Integration’ and this will send a dummy response straight into the Microsoft Teams channel of your choice.

Then go to the ‘Linked Thermometers‘ tab and select the Thermometer or multiple Thermometers you would like linked and click save.

Updated on November 21, 2019

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