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Mobile response alerts on iOS /Android


satisfaction survey iphone notificationYou can be optionally alerted to an incoming response via your iOS or Android mobile device.

Having real time notifications when a customer has responded to a Thermometer with a red or yellow light, outside of your email inbox, could be the difference between a saved customer and a lost customer, if you can respond quickly.

How do you set it up?

Step 1: Download the Pushover app

Install the Pushover notifications app on your iOS or Android device.

Android download here (US store): currently at $5

iOS download here (US store): currently at $5

Or you can search for it on the relevant app store:

download pushover notification

Once installed, click Create Account – enter your email address and choose a password and then click ‘Create Account’ again.

You’ll then need to give your device a name:

download pushover notification

You will then be shown your Pushover user key. This key will also be emailed to you. It will contain a long string of letters and numbers – which you must copy from the email and then paste into your Customer Thermometer settings screen.

Step 2: Add your Pushover key to your Customer Thermometer account.

Log in to your Customer Thermometer account and click on the “Push Options” tab from the top navigation.

Within the section for iOS/Android notifications and enter your key and device name:

download pushover notification

Click the “SAVE KEY(S)” button.

To test the service – click the “SEND TEST” button and you will immediately receive a test notification on your device.

Once this is set up – you’ll see a check box appear in your Edit Thermometer screens:

choose android or iphone notification customer thermometer

To receive iOS/Android notifications – tick the box. They are independent of the email notifications.

Pricing and ongoing charges

Other than the price to purchase the Pushover app, there are no additional charges to send alerts.

Updated on May 15, 2019

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