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Multiple Channels Slack with Zapier

If you’d like to figure your Customer Thermometer ratings being pushed into multiple Slack channels using Zapier please continue reading. If you are looking for our formal integration with Slack sending into one channel please see our guide.

You’ll need to repeat these steps for each of the two channels you’d like to post your ratings into.

Step 1

Firstly, you’ll need to make a zap by heading into Zapier and hitting the ‘Make a Zap’ button. From there please select Webhooks > Catch Hook.

Step 2

Please then copy the URL > Log into your Customer Thermometer account and head to Push Options. From here go to Webhooks > Create new Endpoint > Give it a name – maybe your Slack channel name > paste in URL in the ‘Endpoint URL’ section. Once completed scroll down hit ‘Test fire webhook’, it should state green delivered.

Step 3

In Zapier hit continue and then test and continue.
Choose your app which is Slack  > ‘Send Channel Message’ > Choose your Slack account and channel you’d like to use. Don’t forget you’ll need to repeat this process for your second Slack channel.

Step 4

For the ‘Message Text’ use the grey button to build out what data you would like to be pulled into your channel. 

You can then customise the rest of the options presented in Zapier as you wish as they are optional.
Here’s also a Customer Thermometer icon URL you can use for the image URL if you’d like:

Hit test and your test message should appear in your selected Slack channel.

Updated on March 2, 2021