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Asking multiple questions

Customer Thermometer exists to get you amazing response rates and great feedback from as many customers as possible on a regular basis.

When we created our business back in 2010, we had one mission in mind, to combat survey fatigue. Even back then, people were becoming tired of lengthy surveys.

Customer Thermometer revolutionised the industry and provided a simple mechanism to provide feedback. We remain true to our roots today.

For this reason, we provide the ability for you to ask a single question in an email. In addition, you are able to prompt for a comment (perhaps with a second specific question) on the acknowledgement page. This is optional for the recipient.

Can I ask more than one question?

It’s possible to ask a second question, followed by a prompt comment. Beyond that, you would have to balance up asking multiple questions using another service, versus great response rates and more importantly, ensuring you don’t annoy your customers.

Read about one of our long standing customers talking about the power of a single question.

Updated on June 13, 2018

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