NPS overview

How Customer Thermometer calculates NPS®

Customer Thermometer provides (up to) 4 possible responses for your Ultimate Question – “Would you recommend our products and services”.

We assign the 10-0 scale across our 4 point ratings scale in the following way:

NPS calculation

10, 9 (GOLD responses) are Promotors
8,7 (GREEN responses) are Passives
6-0 (YELLOW & RED responses) are Detractors

We calculate your NPS using the following method:
[%age GOLD responses – (%age YELLOW + %age RED responses)] = Net Promoter® Score.

Enabling Net Promoter® Score

Click “Settings” on the top navigation menu, then open the Net Promoter Score menu.

Enable NPS by choosing “yes” from the dropdown and click the green “Save NPS Settings” button.

This will enable NPS reporting on your main dashboard, each of your Blast breakdown screens and your Thermometer set up screens.

Options for measuring NPS

There are two options.

You can send Email Thermometer NPS surveys or embed NPS survey buttons in within an email (often in a footer) sent from a third party application such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Outlook or similar.

Publishing your Net Promoter Score publicly

You can publish your real time Net Promoter Score result publicly, via one of our reporting widgets. There’s a live example below:

Find out how to publish widgets here.

Updated on June 13, 2018

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