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Avoiding the Outlook image filter

If a recipient has “download images off”, images in emails will not show, unless they actively right click and choose to download them:

Outlook's default settings

In our experience, this is rare to see these days. If you are experiencing a problem sending into a corporate organization, there are ways around the issue.

Email Thermometers

When creating your Email Thermometer template, we’ve provided an HTML only option.

This means Thermometers will display correctly, irrespective of whether images are enabled or not.

To select this template, build your Thermometer and choose the last set of images from the icon sets.

HTML Email Survey design

These icons are not images. They are created using code.

When selecting these icons, we will disable your logo image, if you’ve uploaded one. Instead, the text stored in your company name field, within your account settings will be displayed:

Note your uploaded logo will still appear on your Landing pages by default.

There are no images within this template, meaning it will always display properly:

HTML survey outlook

The Thermometer survey design works in exactly the same way and your uploaded logo will still display on your landing pages.

Signature Thermometers

For Signature Thermometers, images are embedded within the email and not called remotely and so will always display correctly.

Once created, it might look something like this:

Embedded one click survey

Embedded Thermometers

Embedded Thermometers are sent by 3rd party providers. We have no control over what is sent.

If a recipient has automatic image downloads disabled, Thermometer icons will not show unless they actively choose to download them. This is controlled by settings on the recipient’s side and so it is not something that we can override.

As a workaround, add rating descriptions – text which appears under each icon. These words can be color-matched to the icons so that they still grab attention, and ensure recipients understand what each blocked image represents.

Updated on June 13, 2018

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