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Classic Outlook signature Thermometer Creation

This guide will take you through our classic Outlook signature creation generating basic links to attach to icons.

If you’d like to use our new copy and paste method click here.

Step 1 – create your Outlook Embedded Thermometer

Create a new Embedded Thermometer.

Choose “Outlook signature” from the Embedded Thermometer type drop down box:

When you’re happy with your setup – you will then need to add your links and icons to your Outlook signature(s).

Step 2 – grab your icons

Firstly, click the “Generate embed code” button:

You will then see the following screen pop up:

To create your signature, follow the steps on this popup. We go through them below.

Outlook signatures need to have icons inserted from your hard drive. They cannot be added from URLs from remote servers. There are two ways to copy them from your account.

Option 1: Click, highlight and copy to your clipboard:

Option 2: right click and download each one in turn to a location on your hard drive.

Step 3 – create a new Outlook signature

To create a new signature or edit an existing one, firstly, create a new message within Outlook.

Next, select Signature > Signatures…  from the Insert menu:

Outlook survey 3
Once inside the Signatures dialogue box, either create a new signature or edit an existing one.

Add any text you wish and either paste the 4 icons OR insert them using the button shown below.

Use whatever question / formatting you would like to design your signature.

Customise the fields with your name and email address as shown. This will ensure senders’ details are captured against each response.


Once the fields have been entered, click the “Generate Hyperlinks” button and 4 links will appear.

Copy each one in turn and then insert them back into your Outlook signature. Do this by first selecting an icon and then clicking the add hyperlink button:

Save your signature, and you’re done for that sender!

If you are a little stuck don’t panic!

We also have a full video demo available below:

Tracking multiple team member senders within the same Thermometer

You can aggregate a team’s scores using a single Thermometer within your account, whilst also tracking individuals’ scores within that team.

Once your first signature has been generated, you can create your next colleague’s tracking links by changing the two fields shown above (in custom 1 and 2) to contain your next colleague’s details. Click the “Generate Hyperlinks” button again, to generate a new set of unique tracking links for team member #2. These will then be specific to that agent.

We recommend copying each set of links into a word doc or email and sending them on, ready for each team member to add them into their signature.

Repeat as many times as you need to. Return to your Thermometer as often as you wish to regenerate additional team members.

More detail on identifying sender / recipients using Outlook here.

Final steps

Once you’ve embedded your Thermometer into your Outlook signature, you’ll need to finalize your landing pages. You can enable an email capture field, add a comment field, upload your logo, customize the wording, and lots more!

Simply go to ‘Manage Thermometers‘, and click to edit your Thermometer. Our guide to Creating landing pages will take you through the options…and if you’d like some inspiration, take a look at our top tips for beautiful landing pages.

Don’t forget you can also enable instant email alerts for responses and/or comments. Please note email alerts work slightly differently for Outlook and Gmail.

We recommend enabling the Email Capture tool on the landing page setup tab when using an Outlook Thermometer:

If you need any help or have any queries please contact the Ministry of Magic.


Updated on September 7, 2020

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