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Reporting frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between the different reporting metrics?

Temperature rating provides a single number per Blast to benchmark trends.

Happiness factor is the %age happy vs %age disappointed responses.

NPS score, when enabled, provides your Net Promoter Scores.

Click here to see how we calculate variances.

How can I report by agent or team ?

Use our League Tables report to rank by custom field, or company. Find out how your staff are doing or who your customers are, who rate you the highest (and lowest).

How can I see all the responses from a specific person / company?

Yes absolutely.

Use our Temperature Trend tracking report to display responses and aggregate scores by individual or company by time period.

How can I export the charts?

There are three options:

Export all of or specific parts of your data to .CSV file, including response IP address, Country and User Agent data. Edit and manipulate in Excel.

From the main dashboard or Blast Breakdown report, click “Print Analytics” to save as a pdf and print from there.

Use your favorite screenshotting tool to capture dials or whole pages and add a PPT deck, ready to present to management.

How can I see the contents of all of my custom fields?

With screen space being limited, our on screen reports show recipient data and Custom fields 1-3. You can view and manipulate all custom field data using exports.

Custom fields 4-10 are also available for analysis within League Table reporting.

Updated on June 13, 2018

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