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Browser Support

The ribbon is only available on Microsoft Edge 16+, Mozilla Firefox 70+, Google Chrome 57+, Safari 10.1+ and Opera 44+. The ribbon is not available on Internet Explorer.

The reporting Ribbon allows you to harness all sorts of different, personalised reports from your Reporting suite and pin them to your Mission Control dashboard. You can create reports such as mini leaderboards and specific thermometer reports on CSAT and NPS.

You can find the Ribbon at the top of your Mission Control dashboard marked with the purple banner. Please note the Runner plan does not have this reporting tool.

The Ribbon will appear as shown above before you first start building your reports. To add a new report click the pink ‘Add your own reporting ribbon’ button then the below pop-up will appear where you can select what type of report you’d like to build.

You can see we have a few report options for you to choose from including satisfaction ratings, temperature ratings, NPS, rating count, happiness factor, and league table.

From here you can select the report you’d like to create. In the example below we’ll show you how to create a happiness factor report by first selecting and then naming your report.

You can then either select ‘All Thermometers’, one Thermometer or multiple specific Thermometers to be included within this report by using the drop-down as shown above.

Once your Thermometer has been selected you now have a few options, you can either filter on the data you would like to show by selecting a custom field from the dropdown (1.) and if you’d like to drill down further you can filter by a specific value within that custom field (2.). Or if you’d like to skip that part you can just go straight to step 3. ‘Add to ribbon’.

Once you’ve clicked the ‘Add to ribbon’ button the report will now show in your Ribbon panel on your main Mission Control dashboard.

If you need to edit this report, remove or add additional reports you can click the ‘Edit my ribbon’ button which will give you your edit options as shown below. You can then click ‘Finish editing’ once you are happy.

These reports will stay pinned to your main Dashboard and will show real-time stats.

Below is an example showing how to create a league table for your top 5 agents – don’t forget to select your custom field which holds your agent’s names.

If you have some key accounts you want to keep an eye on, you can also create a specific CSAT report for a company or recipient too as shown below.


If you have any queries on the reporting Ribbon please feel free to contact our Magicians on


Updated on December 15, 2020

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