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Reporting overview

There are a variety of reports inside your Customer Thermometer account.

Your reporting dashboard is the first screen you see when you login to your account.

For more detailed reports and analysis, visit your Reporting area.

Reporting Dashboard

Below is an example of your Reporting Dashboard.

It displays all responses from all Thermometers inside your account, by date range.

What’s the difference between the different metrics?

Temperature rating provides a single number per Blast to benchmark trends.
The Pink line is your Target
The Orange line is the previous period
The Blue line is the current period.

Happiness factor is the %age happy vs %age disappointed responses.

NPS score, when enabled, provides your Net Promoter Scores.

Click here to see how we calculate the variance from the previous period.

Comments displayed on this dashboard show publicly IF you are using moderation.

Reporting area

The rest of your reports and analysis can be found in your Reporting area.

Note the different tabs available for selection in the sub-menu.

To find out more about each report, visit the Reporting area help page.


Updated on April 24, 2020

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