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Resetting an Email Thermometer response

This only applies to Email Thermometers and not to Embedded Thermometers

If a user clicks a response and within 30 minutes realises they made a mistake, they can click another button on that same Thermometer.

If they do so, they will be shown a message to say that they have already responded to that Thermometer and see a reset button. They can then reset their response.

At this point, the response will show as pending in your account and will make the Thermometer live once again.

When the recipient clicks the Thermometer again, the new response will be registered.

After 30 minutes they are unable to do this –  this is purely a mechanism to correct a mistake.

If a recipient contacts you after that 30 minute period and tells you they made a mistake with their rating, you will need to delete their response and ask them to re-click their Thermometer.

Updated on June 10, 2019

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