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Resetting your account password

Customer Thermometer staff do not have access to passwords. They are encrypted within our database and as a result, the team is unable to supply or change them.

Note that if you enter your password incorrectly multiple times, you’ll notice you will need to wait longer and longer to login to your account. This is a security measure to stop automated systems from trying to log into accounts. If the time delay becomes too long for you – we would suggest you reset your password, using the steps below.

If you have forgotten your password or just need to change it – follow the instructions below:

Visit the app’s login page.

Note you need to be logged out of your account to see this screen.

Click on the reset password link:

Enter your username (an email address) on the following screen.

You will then be sent a reset link via email.

Click the link and then follow the prompt to enter a new password (twice).

Your password is then reset and you’ll be able to login straight away.

To change your username, please contact the Ministry of Magic.

Updated on September 7, 2020

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