Response Drivers

What Are Response Drivers?

Response Drivers give you that extra piece of insight as to why a recipient has clicked on a certain icon. They allow you to really pinpoint the areas which need improving or rewarding within your business by classifying those essential pieces of feedback.

How to set up your Drivers

You can find the option to add Drivers within your Landing Page Setup tab in your Thermometer settings under ‘Response Drivers’. Can’t find them? Click here!

You can add up to 8 Drivers for your respondents to choose from and tailor these depending on the rating given. For example, below you’ll see our three bottom Drivers are specifically for the amber and red landing pages whilst the top few are for gold and green.

To add a Driver simply add your Driver’s title into the free text box and then select the landing pages you’d like that particular Driver to appear on. When you want to add another hit the ‘Add more’ button and then save.


You can also choose what colours you’d like your buttons to be so you can tailor to your branding.

If you get stuck don’t panic! We have a full video set-up demo below:

Don’t forget you can even add emojis to your buttons if you want πŸ˜„πŸ‘

Click here for ideas and advice on how to use our Drivers including templates.

Once a recipient has selected their option the below will show.

You can see above the recipient has the chance to change their selection if necessary and also the option to leave a comment if enabled.

Reporting on your Drivers

There are two areas you can report on your Drivers. The first is within your Blast report by heading to your Reporting Area > selecting your Blast summary report > responses tab and there you will see a Drivers column allowing you to view both your detailed responses and the Driver chosen.


The next area is your dedicated Drivers report within your Reporting Area located in the top bar.

From here you’ll be able to see your dedicated Drivers report where you can choose one or multiple Thermometers to view your response Driver categories within a certain timeframe.

You can hover over each of the bubbles to view the specific number each Driver has received.

We hope you love the response Drivers as much as we do!


Updated on September 28, 2020

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