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Setting up an Exclaimer Partner Thermometer

Exclaimer Partner set-up

Create your Exclaimer Embedded Thermometer

To create a new Embedded Thermometer head to ‘Thermometers’ in the top white bar. Then click the pink ‘Add new Embedded Thermometer’ button.

From the three choices provided select what you’d like your survey to measure:

You’ll then be taken to your Thermometer builder to create your survey!

Thermometer Builder

Walkthrough your Thermometer builder below:

Once your survey is designed, hit the ‘Data Management’ button to start capturing identifiable feedback.

Data Management

You’ll see we pre-populate some of your custom fields with Exclaimer variables allowing us to pull through identifiable data about the recipient to display next to the response within your Reporting.

  • Recipient email address
  • Recipient first and last name
  • Sender email address

If you have additional Exclaimer variables you’d like to use then you can pop these into the spare custom fields. Click ‘Add more fields’ if you need additional custom fields.

Once you’re happy with your custom fields you can move on to the Response Options section.

You can set up instant email alerts to be sent to internal recipients of your choice and you can choose to have them sent to different individuals depending on which colour response was clicked. Use the slider to enable or disable the alert and the text box to enter either a single or multiple email addresses.

If using multiple please ensure you separate with a comma.

Designing your Landing Pages

It’s time to get those landing pages looking beautiful!

See below for a step by step walkthrough:


Response Drivers give you that extra piece of insight as to why a recipient has clicked on a certain icon. They allow you to really pinpoint the areas which need improving or rewarding within your business by classifying those essential pieces of feedback.

You can add up to 8 Drivers for your respondents to choose from and tailor these depending on the rating given.

An example set of Drivers on a landing page:

You can also choose what colours you’d like your buttons to be so you can tailor to your branding.

These are of course optional so you can leave this section blank if you wish.

When you’re ready hit the ‘Finish’ button… CONGRATULATIONS! Your signature survey is ready to go!

Don’t forget to hit the ‘Copy code to clipboard’ button as you’ll need this to paste into Exclaimer.

Updated on January 26, 2021

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