Our Slack app posts your feedback directly into a Slack channel. You are able to configure which alerts and comments are posted and for what thermometers.

Connecting to your Slack Channel

From the top navigation, you’ll find a link to Push Options. From that page, there is then a section for Slack. This will authenticate our Slack app with your Slack account.


You can also complete this setup by clicking the button below.Add to Slack

You’ll then select the relevant channel which all your notifications will be posted to.

Choosing notifications

Once your Slack app is setup, you’ll have the option to select on a per thermometer basis, which alerts and comments you receive in your Slack channel.

You can select all alerts, for all thermometers using the toggle tickbox.

As soon as feedback is received, you’ll get an instant notification in your Slack channel.

Updated on March 2, 2021

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