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Setting up a SolarWinds MSP Manager Thermometer

With the 3.4 release of MSP Manager, notifications are now customizable, allowing Customer Thermometer 1-click surveys to be added.

Step 1: Create your Embedded Thermometer

A tighter integration with additional features is coming soon.

Create a new Embedded Thermometer.

Choose “Basic HTML” from the i) Embedded Thermometer type drop down box.

Customize your Thermometer and Landing pages as required.

Generate your embed code

Click the Generate embed code button. You will see a window popup.

Enter the SolarWinds fields you wish to be able to capture satisfaction against:

The recommended variables to add are below, for simple copying and pasting:

Email: {{ Model.Contact.EmailAddress }}
First name: {{ Model.Contact.FirstName}}
Last name: {{ Model.Contact.LastName}}
Company: {{ Model.CompanyName }}
Custom 1: {{ Model.TicketNumber }}
Custom 2: {{ Model.AssignedUsers | Select: '(item.FirstName) (item.LastName)' }}
Custom 3: {{ Model.AssignedUsers | Select: '(item.EmailAddress)' }}

In your reporting, Custom 1 will show the ticket number, Custom 2 will show the agent’s name. Custom 3 will show the agent’s email address (useful for email alert notifications).

You’ll find the complete list of Data Model Variables available for capture in the Notification template customization area of your Solar Winds account. 

Click ‘Generate HTML’:

Copy the HTML code generated in the box on the right hand side.

Step 2: Add feedback icons to SolarWinds Notifications

Note that it’s possible to prompt for feedback on a ticket notification update (from agent to customer) and/or a ticket closure notification. Tailor your requests, depending on the nature of your tickets and your business.

Requesting feedback on ticket closure

Login into SolarWinds MSP Manager, with admin access.

Visit Account settings > Company settings > Notifications > When a ticket gets marked complete. Ensure you are notifying the ticket contact of closures.

It’s then time to customize the notification template itself for the ticket closure.

You may need to scroll down your Account settings sidebar menu. Select Templates > Notifications:

You then have the ability to customize templates, by language. Typically, you would create a different Thermometer survey per language (ensuring the Landing pages for each Thermometer were in the correct language) and add the relevant embed code to the relevant SolarWinds language template.

Only HTML templates can contain your Customer Thermometer feedback icons.

Select the external language template you’d like to edit:

When inside the ticket template, ensure the enable custom template button is ticked.

Next, it’s time to add and customize your embed code, copied from Step 1. You can add it wherever you wish, you can amend the text around and the styling too.

Ensure you do not alter the URL hyperlinks attached to each image, or your Thermometer will not work.

In the example below, (assuming the default template) we’ve added the Thermometer at line #155:

It’s been wrapped in a simple <div> and in the example above, we’ve also upped the font size of the question to 14px.

The code example is below:

 <div style="margin-top: 5px; padding: 2% 3%;">
 <p style="font-size: 14px;"><b>Please let us know how well we responded:</b></p><p style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 12px;"> 

Click “Save”, when complete.

Finally, we recommend sending yourself a test closure notification as the preview doesn’t always reflect the final result:

Requesting feedback on ticket update

It is also possible to add a 1-click survey each time a ticket is updated. Whether you choose to do this as well as on closure is entirely your choice. Many customers use this option as an ’emergency stop’ opportunity for customers. If they hit a red button, they’ll get an immediate response.

Follow the instructions above, however make the edits on the “When a technician adds a response to the customer within a ticket” template:

Notice, only the Internal template is showing as customizable. Don’t worry – this notification will also be received by the external customer too – so go ahead and follow the instructions shown above to add a Thermometer to this template.

1-click surveys will then be sent each time is a ticket is updated by a technician.

In this mode, multiple ratings per ticket will be recorded and shown inside your Customer Thermometer reporting.

If preferred, you could set up a separate Thermometer for the ticket closure survey. Responses for ticket closures would then be grouped in one Blast report and ticket updates in a separate report.

The final result

Your ticket closure with feedback request will look something like this:

Inside your Customer Thermometer reporting, ratings will come through and look a little like this:

Updated on June 13, 2018

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