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What is a Tablet Thermometer?

Tablet Thermometers are used in conjunction with a Customer Thermometer account, which can also be used for receiving email feedback too.

Your customer or employee taps a single icon on-screen as they walk past or whilst waiting to pay.

Their rating (and comment) is registered in your account in real-time, ready for analysis and action. They can then go on to leave a comment if they wish.

Bespoke build

Each Tablet Thermometer is built to order, with flexibility around design and layout.

Choose a single consistent design, but ask questions in different locations and track feedback within separate reports inside your Customer Thermometer account.

Know if there’s a problem in reception area 1 or 2… know if the main entrance to your event is performing, or whether there’s an issue in your staff canteen on Fridays…

Device and connectivity options

Our very own iOS app enables you to capture responses online or offline via an iPad. It’s perfect for exhibition halls or areas with poor Wifi. Responses will sync with your account when Wifi reconnects.

We can also build bespoke Thermometers for Android devices, which you can then display using a simple kiosk app.

Want to get a Tablet survey up and running?

Get in touch with your requirements and we’ll get back to you quickly to discuss the best option for you.

Please note, Customer Thermometer does not provide hardware.

Updated on July 28, 2020

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