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Setting up a Tigerpaw Thermometer

Create your Tigerpaw Embedded Thermometer

Create a new Embedded Thermometer.

Choose “Basic HTML” from the i) Embedded Thermometer type drop down box.

Generate your embed code

Click the Generate embed code button. You will see a window popup.

Add your Tigerpaw tokens/variables into the boxes:

Tigerpaw tokens

We’ve added some suggested token names below. Use whichever exposed tokens you wish.

Email address: [token]tvw_TokenData_ServiceOrders.ContactEmailAddress[/token]

Name: [token]tvw_TokenData_ServiceOrders.RequestedByRep[/token]

Company: [token]tvw_TokenData_Accounts.AccountName[/token]

Service order/ticket ID: [token]tvw_TokenData_ServiceOrders.SONumber[/token]

Click “Generate HTML”.

Copy the HTML generated in the box on the right hand side.

Adding Thermometer icons to Tigerpaw Templates

Paste the HTML snippet into the appropriate email template within Tigerpaw.

Test it all works and you’re ready to start tracking real time customer feedback from Tigerpaw tickets and service orders inside your Customer Thermometer reporting area.


Updated on February 11, 2019

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