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Webpage surveys

It is possible to add Customer Thermometer feedback buttons to webpages to gather feedback on a specific page or set of pages. Many customers do this.

How to set up a webpage Thermometer

Create a new Embedded Thermometer template. Choose the “Basic Links” Embedded Thermometer type.

If you would like to offer people the option to leave their email address on the landing page, then you can enable an email capture field on the ‘Landing page setup’ tab.

Once you have generated your links, you can insert your chosen icons/images onto your webpage and then simply attach the relevant response link to each one.

If you will be placing the Thermometer in more than one location on your website, we recommend¬†generating a unique set of response links for each location, entering the page name/title into the ‘Custom 1’ field each time. You can then use this data to track which location the rating came from.


With so many bots around – it is possible, depending on your website, that you will receive ‘rogue’ responses. It’s normally possible to spot them, as their “User agent” names will be specific.

See below to see how to identify the user agent:

Ongoing rogue bots, can then be blocked, using ClickBlocker.

Updated on June 13, 2018

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