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What is an Outlook / Gmail signature Thermometer?

An Outlook or Gmail signature Thermometer is a set of 1-click feedback icons, inserted into the signature file of your email client – such as Outlook / Gmail or your mobile device.

Outlook and Gmail Thermometers are part of our Embedded Thermometers suite.

Here’s an example Signature Thermometer:

We call these 1-click icons a Thermometer.

Icons are fully customizable – you can even create your own. Here’s another example:

Recipients click one response to let you know how they feel. They are then taken to a landing page to acknowledge their response and leave a comment if you wish.

it’s low impact on them and great insight for you.

We report your results for you and lets you interrogate the data in a number of ways.


Signature Thermometers don’t always provide identifiable feedback on the recipient.
Click here for details.


Updated on November 19, 2018

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