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What is an Email Thermometer?

An Email Thermometer is a dedicated survey sent out to a list of recipients within the Customer Thermometer app itself. They are commonly used for monthly pulse checks across your customer base or to gather insightful feedback on a specific event or service.

Unlike our Embedded Thermometers, you can sit back and we’ll do the survey sending for you.

Here’s an example Email Thermometer:

You can add your brand logo, colors and also customise the text within your Email Thermometer survey as well as use your own customised icons.

Here’s another example:

Once the Email Thermometer has been received in a recipient’s inbox, they can simply select the icon which best represents how they feel. They are then taken to a landing page to acknowledge their response and leave a comment if you wish.

It’s super fast and low impact for the recipient meaning a higher response rate and in-depth feedback for you.

Once you’ve started collecting feedback you can jump into the Reporting Area to view a number of reports.

If you need any help or have any queries please contact the Ministry of Magic.

Updated on September 7, 2020

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