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What is an Embedded Thermometer?


An Embedded Thermometer is a set of 1-click feedback icons, inserted into a 3rd party application, such as a helpdesk or CRM system. That 3rd party system sends emails according to workflows – such when a support ticket is closed.

Here’s an example Embedded Thermometer:

We call these 1-click icons a Thermometer.

Icons are fully customizable – you can even create your own.

Here’s another example:

Recipients click one response to let you know how they feel. They are then taken to a landing page to acknowledge their response and leave a comment if you wish.

it’s low impact on them and great insight for you.

We report your results for you and lets you interrogate the data in a number of ways.

How do they work?

We merge variables from email templates inside your 3rd party app into our tracking links, to provide identifiable tracking information.

This data is then stored in your Customer Thermometer account.

Each app is slightly different and so there’s different instructions and possibilities.You can find our helpdesk / CRM app directory here.

If we don’t have a published integration, all is not lost. Your business’s proprietary application could still connect into Customer Thermometer. Find out more here.

It’s simple – no developers are needed – and if you have admin rights to your 3rd party, you’ll be able to get this set up.

Updated on November 19, 2018

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