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Writing back responses into Zendesk tickets

What’s possible?

Writing back ratings and comments

Our write-back into Zendesk enables Thermometer ratings and comments to be added directly into the Zendesk support thread as internal comments.

Triggering the Zendesk native rating

If you have the native satisfaction ratings enabled in Zendesk, then the write-back will also trigger these.

Once a ticket is marked as “Solved”, the next Customer Thermometer rating received against the ticket will trigger the native rating.

Gold or Green will trigger a native rating of ‘Good’. Yellow or Red will trigger a native rating of ‘Bad’.

The Zendesk ticket numbers captured in your Customer Thermometer reporting will be automatically hyperlinked back to the tickets in Zendesk:

So if you spot a response you want to investigate further, you can click straight through to the right Zendesk ticket.

How to set up the write-back

If you haven’t created your Thermometer yet, you’ll need to start by following our Guide to Setting up a Zendesk Thermometer.

Once you have created your Thermometer, you can proceed with setting up the write-back.

Our Zendesk write-back uses OAuth2, which makes it incredibly easy to set-up. Simply enter your Zendesk account name, and then click to authenticate with Zendesk.

Our Zendesk write-back was upgraded in June 2018.

If you began using Zendesk Thermometers before that date, then you will be using an earlier version of our write-back. Please see our original Zendesk write-back instructions for guidance.

If you would like to switch to using our new write-back as described below, please contact us at ministry@customerthermometer.com and we will enable it on your account.

Thermometer name & question

We recommend entering a name and a question and saving your Thermometer before setting up the write-back:


Zendesk account name

This is your Zendesk subdomain.

For example, if your Zendesk URL was mc40.zendesk.com, you would just enter mc40 in this field.


Authenticate with Zendesk

Click the ‘Authenticate’ button.


The Zendesk user who authenticates with Zendesk needs to have Admin rights, otherwise the triggering of the native satisfaction ratings will not work.

If the user is an agent, the ratings will still be written back as internal comments, but the native ratings will not be triggered.

You will be immediately redirected to Zendesk, where you may be asked to confirm the authentication:

Click ‘Allow’.

You can then return to your Thermometer set-up screen, where you will see that the Zendesk API token has been pulled through.


…and that’s it! Your ratings and comments will now be written back to your Zendesk tickets automatically.

Complete your set-up

If you’ve haven’t yet completed your other Thermometer settings or embedded your Thermometer into your Zendesk instance, you’ll need to continue following our Guide to Setting up a Zendesk Thermometer.

Updated on November 6, 2020

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