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How to measure customer journey satisfaction – without hassling your customers

"Measuring satisfaction on customer journeys is 30% more predictive of overall customer satisfaction than measuring happiness for an individual interaction" said McKinsey this week. This stands to reason. Customers are all interacting with…

Salesforce customer satisfaction surveys are now available

As part of our continuing set of updates, we're now proud to announce that you are now able to use Customer Thermometer to generate Salesforce customer satisfaction surveys. For a couple of years now, we've had customers using the service…

Moonfruit recommends Customer Thermometer

Moonfruit is one of the world's largest website / shop building services. The company is passionate about customer "happiness". With millions of websites under management, Moonfruit support is a big job, with a large team in place to ensure…
5 reasons you should encourage customers to complain

5 reasons you should encourage your customers to complain

Customers Complaints Will Force You To Improve Your Product/Business My experience over the last 10 years running my own businesses tells me that inviting complaints from customers is one of the very best ways to improve customer retention. I…

10 reasons to use Customer Thermometer as a Zendesk satisfaction ratings alternative

Whilst Zendesk has its own satisfaction rating feature, we know it doesn't answer every Zendesk user's needs. Today we are delighted to announce Customer Thermometer is now available  as a Zendesk satisfaction ratings alternative app for…

Customer satisfaction can be measured with just one question

Most weeks, we get asked the question, "But we have to ask 10 questions in our customer survey - will Customer Thermometer work for us?" We answer that question in a number of ways: What do you do with the data once you have it? Can you…

Learning from our customers – The introductory email

In our resources section, we talk about the importance of letting your customers (or employees) know that you're about to start using Customer Thermometer (on a regular basis). No one likes surprises and if you let people know what's coming,…
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Getting low average online survey response rates?

Are your average survey response rates worryingly low? Are you looking for a way to improve them? There have been a flurry of articles on so-called 'survey fatigue' recently, ranging from Information Week to the New York Times. These articles…

How to display live Customer Thermometer results on your Facebook page

Customer Thermometer's embeddable widget allows you to publish your survey response results to the public. More specifically - to your customers. In our initial release a couple of weeks ago, there is a single widget available, which displays…

Customer Thermometer reviewed by the Busy Bee Cleaning Company

The Busy Bee Cleaning Company has been using Customer Thermometer for over a year now and I think it's fair to say we've found a fan of the service! The founder and owner of the business, Alonzo Adams asked us whether he could provide a testimonial…

BIBO endorses Customer Thermometer

how bibo's use our customer service surveys We're delighted to announce another customer who is happy to go on record to say great things about Customer Thermometer. Dani Sanders, BIBO's customer services officer has been using Customer…

BIBO – the water dispenser company talk about their Customer Thermometer experiences

We love constructuve user feedback BIBO is the new watercooler company on the block - they like to do things differently and excel at customer service - as it's one of their differentiators in a highly competitive marketplace. And guess what?…