We update the application regularly. You will see a slightly different look and feel and the Thermometer build screen is now split into two tabs. 


In this module, we explain how to set up email addresses for your Thermometers.

If you’d like to skip to a specific piece of detail – use the timings below.

00:25 How Customer Thermometer manages who blasts come from and where the replies go
00:48 The Customer Thermometer “reply to” address
02:20 Getting the “reply to” address to go to more than just one person
02:58 The Customer Thermometer “from” address and email deliverability
03:46 Why you can’t use public email addresses ( Gmail, Yahoo etc) to send your Thermometer from
04:26 Where to enter the name from whom the Thermometer is sent
05:00 Sending Thermometers into your company from Customer Thermometer
06:14 Brief overview of using custom fields within email address set up