We update the application regularly. You will see a slightly different look and feel in today’s version.


In this module, we thought it would be useful to see exactly what your customers experience when receiving a Thermometer. Did you know that they could reset their answer?!

If you’d like to skip to a specific piece of detail – use the timings below.

01:40 Sending Thermometers to customers who have image download turned off
02:32 What the landing page looks like
02:45 Allowing customers to leave a comment once they have clicked a button
03:10 Changing the landing page or turning on comments once a Thermometer has been sent
03:40 What the comments field looks like to customers
04:10 What happens if customers click after a blast has been closed
04:45 What happens if a customer clicks a Thermometer more than once
04:54 How customers can change their click if it has been made in error
05:30 How the time limit on the reset button works
06:09 What happens if a customer replies to your Thermometer
06:48 How customers can unsubscribe