Your email signature is an integral part of your branding. It’s something that will be seen by everyone, from suppliers through to potential customers. With this in mind, it’s imperative that your email signature catches the eye – but how? We have rounded up some of the best free email signature templates for you to use as inspiration. However, before we go into those, let’s look at the importance of an email signature, how to make one, and what it should include.

Why use an email signature?

As mentioned, your email signature is an important part of your branding, and so it should be one of the first things you do when you set up your email. Every time you send an email, your signature will be on display for the world to see. Whether you’re sending sales emails, replying to customer service enquiries, or even emailing suppliers, an outstanding email signature will ensure people can learn more about you and your brand. The right email signature can also help to drive traffic, generate leads, turn those leads into sales, and improve the customer service experience. If done right, those few lines underneath every email can prove to be an invaluable marketing, sales and customer services tool.

How to make an email signature

How you make your email signature and add it will be entirely dependant on your email service. Most big name email providers, including Outlook, Gmail and Mailbird, will have a section in settings where you can add an email signature. Once you have found this, you’re likely to be greeted with a blank box for you to do what you will with! It may seem daunting, especially if there are lots of options, but you don’t need to be a developer or design pro to make a good email signature. Of course, you could just add in a few lines of text and be done with it, but is this really going to stand out and promote your brand?

Most email clients will have a section for an HTML signature, and this is where you want to be looking. Here you can add font colors that are on brand, link to various parts of your site or social media, and even include images. Luckily, you can find an HTML signature template online that will get you started without having any prior coding knowledge. You can then adapt this to suit your own branding and message. Before we look at where to find free email signature templates, however, let’s look at what yours should include.

What your email signature should include

At the very least, your email signature should include a few basic elements, such as:

  • Your name
  • Your title
  • The name of the business
  • The business logo and/or an image of yourself
  • Your contact details, including any links to social media accounts and your website

There are plenty of other elements that you can add that will ensure your email signature pops, however. This could be a link to a promotion you’re running, the latest images from your Instagram page, and even the option for customers to provide feedback. It may be that your organization requires different email signatures depending on the department, so consider this carefully. For example, it may make sense for a sales rep to have a link to the company’s latest offers in their email signature. On the other hand, customer service employees may want to consider adding an email signature feedback service which can help improve response rates and will enable you to track feedback in real time.

Free email signature templates

We’ve looked at why you should have an email signature, how to make an email signature, and what to include. Now, let’s look at where to find professional email signature templates that you can use for your own business.

Email signature generators

If you want to create an HTML email signature without any coding knowledge, then a handy generator may be just what you’re looking for. There are various email signature generators online that provide this kind of service, including WiseStamp, HubSpot, and htmlsig. Some of them are free, whereas others you will have to pay a premium all of the extras. You’ll be able to add in your own details, colors, and images to create an HTML email signature that resonates with your brand.

Editable email signature templates

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use a generator, then you can use an email signature template from somewhere like Envato or Mail-Signatures. You’ll likely need a little bit of Photoshop knowledge to change yours to match your brand, although some will come with various designs and colors included. Not all of these templates will be free unless there are special offers on, but they will be professionally designed and easily editable for the most part.

Email signature template examples

Looking for some inspiration for your own email signature? Here are some of the most eye-catching and on-brand email signatures that you can adapt to suit your own brand.

1. GIF email signature

GIFs are becoming more and more popular when it comes to email signatures, as they really draw people in. There’s nothing more eye-catching than a moving picture! You can make your own GIF using a service like GIPHY, which can then be embedded into your email signature using the HTML editor on your mail client.


2. Visual email signatures

This email signature template is perfect for those who have a visual product or service. You can embed your latest Instagram photos or a selection of product photos within your email signature to make it truly stand out. Again, this will need to be done in the HTML email signature editor in the settings section of your email service.


3. Asking for feedback in your email signature

There are several good reasons to use this kind of email signature. Firstly, it stands out from the crowd with the use of bright colors. Secondly, customers will feel as though the company is generally interested in how their experience was and open to feedback. Thirdly, you can easily embed this kind of feedback email signature using Customer Thermometer. No HTML knowledge required! Finally, you’ll receive real-time feedback from customers, meaning that it serves a purpose as well as looking fantastic.


4. Keeping it simple

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to your email signature. Depending on your industry, it may make more sense to strip the signature back and keep it as simple as possible. This example has all of the necessary information on it, without having too much going on. It’s also on-brand and has plenty of social media links for people to learn more. You can use an email signature template for this or play around with the HTML editor to create something similar yourself.


5. Special offers

Want to promote something to the people you email? A banner within an email signature could help you to do so. Using a free image making service such as Canva, you can create a little banner that can be embedded into your email signature. Link this to a landing page to capture leads or sales, and let the email do all of the hard sales work for you.


6. Mobile-friendly email signature

It’s extremely important that you ensure your email signature looks as good on mobiles as it does on desktops; especially with the rise in people using their mobiles for email over their computers. This email signature proves that you don’t need to use a lot of color or moving pictures to stand out – again, they also use this space to ask their customers for feedback too.


7. Call-to-action

A strong call-to-action in your email signature can greatly improve sales and leads, without seeming pushy or over the top. The rest of this email signature is quite plain, so that what really stands out is the ‘Apply Now’ button. Again, this is something you can make quite easily using a tool like Canva. Simply embed in your HTML editor and you’re good to go!


8. Make it pop!

If you’re the kind of brand that likes playing around with color, this is an extremely eye-catching email signature template that could be adapted to suit your own branding. This will also work well on mobiles, as there aren’t too many images or other effects that will slow things down on phones. You should be able to find out from your graphic designer what color codes your logo and website uses, so that you can add them into your own email signature.


There are plenty of ways of ensuring your email signature stands out from the competition, while also showing off your branding. These free email signature templates should help you create something that is professional, approachable, and gets your message across. Don’t forget; you can also easily embed our email signature feedback service at the bottom of your emails to help you gather real-time satisfaction surveys from customers!

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