5 Inspiring TED Talks to Drive Customer Success

We love TED talks, and we are not alone. Back in 2015 TED talk videos were viewed more than 3 million times per day and that number has grown enormously. We like TED talks because we always learn something and they are quite short in length, under 18 minutes.

There are just so many talks covering so many interesting topics, presented by entertaining and insightful experts. Sitting comfortably, with a nice cup of coffee, and watching an engaging TED Talk on a subject of interest has got to be one of life’s greatest pleasures.

We have pulled together this short list TED Talks which we are certain you will find educational, inspiring and entertaining. While they are not focused exclusively on ‘customer success’ they each offer valuable insight that can help in formulating winning customer success strategies, ranging from employee engagement through to building trust.

This is what makes employees happy at work

Over 186,000 views.
Speaker: Michael C. Bush
December 2018

If customer success, customer support and customer service professionals are happy in their work they will be more effective in driving improvements in customer experience. In this engaging presentation Michael C. Bush highlights how the vast majority of working people are not happy in their work. He describes how happiness at work is largely determined by how people are treated by their leaders and the people they work with. He goes on to provide real world examples of how organisations have enhanced the happiness of their workforce.

How to motivate people to do good for others

Over 1,350,000 views
Speaker: Erez Yoeli
May 2018

In this presentation Erez Yoeli discusses how people can be motivated to do good for others. When striving for customer success this is clearly important. He describes how increasing observability, eliminating excuses and communicating expectations will help motivate people to be more helpful.

How to train employees to have difficult conversations

Over 1,760,000 views
Speaker: Tamekia Mizladi Smith
April 2018

Dealing with difficult customer conversations is challenging but managing these interactions effectively can turn an unhappy customer into a valuable brand advocate. In this highly entertaining presentation Tamekia Mizladi Smith describes a training framework which can significantly improve customer communications and enhance customer satisfaction.

How to build and rebuild trust

Over 3,000,000 views
Speaker: Frances Frei
April 2018

Trust is vitally important in customer relationships. In this fascinating talk Harvard Business School professor Frances Frei describes how to build trust, maintain it and rebuild it when necessary. Essential skills for anyone involved in customer support, customer service and customer success.

How do we learn to work with intelligent machines?

Over 890,000 views
Speaker: Matt Beane
November 2018

Artificial intelligence is increasingly used in customer communications and customer support. In this thought provoking talk Matt Beane reflects on the traditional ways in which humans learn and develop their skills: training under an expert, taking on easier tasks to start with and then progressing onto increasingly challenging tasks. This has been the main path to skills development around the globe for thousands of years. He highlights how our use of AI is blocking this learning path, sacrificing learning in our quest for productivity. He speculates that we could be using AI to enhance our learning experiences and never lose vital skills.

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