TED stands for ‘technology, entertainment, design’, which covers a hell of a lot. TED Talks are each roughly 12–18 minutes of expert insight and inspiration. 

We love all TED Talks, and we’re not alone. Today’s back catalogue of engaging TED content gets viewed or listened to 3 billions times a year! One of the most valuable seams of TED Talks is around customer service. For this post, we’ve scoured the archives to curate a must-watch top 5. 

Customer service TED Talks give a fresh perspective

Our selected shortlist of TED Talks on customer service come at the topic from a variety of angles. Use it to influence your customer success strategies, create magic moments and build customer trust. Apply it to nurture and upskill employee engagement in customer service excellence. You can even use it to consider new challenges and opportunities in the technology-powered future of customer engagement. 

As well as that, you’ll find all of the educational, inspiring and entertaining. 

TED Talks for customer service

Popsicle Moments – Finding a New Flavor of Customer Service

Darren Ross is part of the inspirational team at the Magic Castle Hotel. His talk centers on the concept of creating moments and memories as part of the customer experience. The talk’s title takes its cue from the ‘popsicle hotline’; just one example of how his hotel creates a lasting impression on guests – driving loyalty and amazing reviews. CX experts Dan and Chip Heath talk about the Magic Castle Hotel in their book, The Power of Moments. If you liked that, you’ll love this…


This is what makes employees happy at work

If customer service professionals are happy in their work they’ll be more effective in driving customer experience improvements. In this presentation, Michael C. Bush highlights how the vast majority of employees are not happy in their work. He describes how work happiness is determined by how people are treated by their leaders and colleagues. There are some great examples of how organizations have enhanced the happiness of their workforce to get fantastic results. No wonder millions have viewed it!


How to train employees to have difficult conversations

Dealing with difficult customer conversations is a real skill. It can be challenging but managing these interactions effectively can turn an unhappy customer into a valuable brand advocate. In this highly entertaining presentation, Tamekia Mizladi Smith outlines a training framework you can start implementing right away. And it’s one that could significantly improve customer communications and enhance customer satisfaction.


How to build and rebuild trust

Trust is vitally important in customer relationships. In this fascinating talk, Harvard Business School professor Frances Frei describes how to build trust, maintain it and rebuild it when necessary. This is the most viewed of all the TED talks on customer service in our list. It promotes essential skills for anyone involved in customer support, customer service and customer success.


How do we learn to work with intelligent machines?

Wrapping up our list is a bold insight into artificial intelligence (AI). AI is increasingly used in customer communications and customer support. In this thought-provoking session, Matt Beane reflects on the traditional ways in which humans learn and develop their skills: training under an expert, taking on easier tasks to start with and then progressing onto increasingly challenging tasks. This has been the main path to skills development for thousands of years. He highlights how our use of AI is blocking this learning path, sacrificing learning in our quest for productivity. He speculates that we could be using AI to enhance our learning experiences and never lose vital skills.


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